Southdown Magnetite Project: EPBC Notice of Public Comments

(EPBC Act Ref: 2011/6053)

A public comment period was required by the Department of Environment and Energy (DotEE) under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) for the Southdown Magnetite Project. Grange Resources Ltd (Grange) is the proponent as Feasibility Manager and on behalf of the Southdown Joint Venture, comprising Grange and SRT Australia Pty Ltd. Grange proposes to develop the Southdown Magnetite Project, in the Great Southern of Western Australia which consists of a magnetite mine, transport via pipeline of magnetite to the Port of Albany for shipping, and a desalination plant for water supply. The Project mine site is located near Wellstead, approximately 90 km east-north-east of Albany.

The public were invited to comment on the EPBC Act referral documentation and additional information (Preliminary Documentation) for the proposed project between Friday 3rd November 2017 to Thursday 30th November 2017. A document summarising and responding to the comments has been prepared and the Preliminary Documentation finalised.

In accordance with Section 95B(2) of the EPBC Act, the summary of comments and the responses as well as the Preliminary Documentation are being published for a further 10 business days from 18th March to 29th March 2019 for public information. These documents include the following:

Southdown Magnetite Project Response to Submissions under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Southdown Magnetite Project Summary Report Rev 4 with appendices.pdf

Please refer to the list below to download the document without appendices, or for individual appendices.

Southdown Magnetite Project Summary Report Rev 4 without appendices.pdf

The 2011 referral is available on the DotEE website, and at the link below. However, some of the content is now out of date and so the Summary Report above should be consulted for review of current information.

Southdown Magnetite Project EPBC Referral 2011

The documents above are available to view at:

  • Albany Public Library - 221 York Street, Albany 6330.
  • J.S. Battye Library, State Library of Western Australia - 25 Francis St, Perth Cultural Centre, Perth, WA 6000.
  • Wellstead Community Resource Centre- 49 Windsor Rd, Wellstead 6328

Any enquiries regarding this process should be directed to Glenda Stirling at:

  • mail - PO Box 5454, Albany, WA, 6332
  • email -
  • phone - 08 9841 4255

Persons with special needs (i.e. for whom English is a second language or who have vision impairment) may contact Grange via the above details for assistance accessing the material.

The table at the following link outlines the additions made to the Preliminary Documentation since the public comment period and in response to the submissions received:

Addendum Table to the Southdown Magnetite Project Summary Report

The original information provided for the public comment period in November 2017 can be found at the following link:

Original public comment information