Board of Directors

  • Michelle Li

Michelle Li PhD, GAICD

Non-executive Chairperson, Member of the Audit and Risk Committee, Member of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee

Dr Li was appointed as non-executive Chairperson on 29 October 2013. Dr Li is a mineral processing engineer and metallurgist with over 20 years' experience in the Australian mining sector. Dr Li's experience includes senior roles at CITIC Pacific, Rio Tinto and Iluka Resources, as well as a senior project role on the Grange Resources Southdown project.

Dr Li has a PhD from the University of Queensland and is currently a non-executive Director of Ardiden Limited and was previously a non-executive Director of Orion Metals Limited and Sherwin Iron Limited.

  • Zhao Hong Lin (Non Executive Director)

Honglin Zhao

Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Zhao is a former Director of Shagang International (Australia) Pty Ltd, former Director and General Manager of Shagang (Australia) Pty Ltd, and former Director of Jiangsu Shagang Group, ultimate shareholder of Shagang International Holdings Limited and China's largest private steel company.

Mr Zhao has over 40 years' experience in the industry and was previously the Commander of Project Development Headquarters with Shagang. Mr Zhao has extensive project management and implementation experience and expertise.

  • Daniel Tenardi

Daniel (Dan) Tenardi

Non-executive Director and Chairperson of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee and member of Audit and Risk Committee.

Mr Tenardi is an experienced mining executive with over 40 years' experience in the resources industry across a range of commodities including iron ore, gold, bauxite, and copper. He has a wealth of knowledge in managing bulk ore operations and has extensive international networks.

Mr Tenardi was the former CEO of Ngarda Civil & Mining and has also held senior executive and operational roles at CITIC Pacific, Alcoa, Roche Mining and Rio Tinto. He was the Managing Director of Bauxite Resources, and is a non-executive Director of Australia Minerals & Mining Group Ltd.

  • Yan Jia - Non executive Director

Yan Jia, JM, GAICD

Deputy Non-executive Chairperson and Member of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee

Ms Jia is currently the Director of the Administration Department with the Jiangsu Shagang International Trade Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Jiangsu Shagang Group, China's largest private steel company. Ms Jia has over ten years' experience of managerial, human resources, intellectual property and commercial experience in the steel industry and bulk raw material transaction sector.

  • Mike Dontschuk Grr

Michael Dontschuk BSc (Hons), FFTP, GAICD

Non-executive Director and Chairperson of Audit and Risk Committee.

Michael Dontschuk is a finance professional with over 35 years' experience in investment, finance, treasury and financial risk management.

He currently is a professional NED and sits on a number of company boards including Grange Resources Limited, Motor Accidents Insurance Board (Tasmania), Australia Ratings, Eticore and Public Trustee.

Previously he has been an executive with Grange Resources Limited, Group Treasurer of ANZ Bank, Managing Director of Treasury Corporation Victoria, President and Director of the Finance and Treasury Association of Australia and Manager at Bankers Trust and has worked extensively in corporate financial advisory and investment banking.

  • Piers Lewis

Piers Lewis BComm, CA, AGIA

Company Secretary

Mr Lewis has more than 20 years' global corporate experience and is currently the Company Secretary and CFO for ASX listed companies Cycliq Group Limited, Ultima United Limited and is Company Secretary of iBosses Corporation Limited. Mr Lewis also serves on the board of Ardiden Limited, Cycliq Group Limited and Hawkley Oil & Gas Limited.

In 2001 Mr Lewis qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte (Perth) he has extensive and diverse financial and corporate experience from previous senior management roles with Credit Suisse (London), Mizuho International and NAB Capital. Mr Lewis is also a Chartered Company Secretary.