About the Project

The Southdown Magnetite deposit is located approximately 90 kilometres northeast of Albany on the South coast of Western Australia. The deposit is known to extend a distance of approximately 12 kilometres in length, largely on freehold agricultural land.

The Southdown Joint Venture (SDJV) is a joint venture between Grange Resources, an Australian publicly listed company (70%) and SRT Australia Pty Ltd (30%) which is owned by Sojitz Corporation, a Japanese trading house, and Kobe Steel, a Japanese steel manufacturer. The Joint Venture proposes to mine and export 10 million tonnes of premium magnetite concentrate annually. The product will be exported from the Port of Albany for processing into pellets for international markets. The Definitive Feasibility Study completed in June 2012 confirmed a mine life of 14 years within the current permitted area, with the total mineral resource providing potential for a mine life in excess of 30 years.

The deposit will be mined using open cut methods. Ore will be crushed and concentrated, with concentrate being transported as a slurry via a buried pipe to the Port. This method of transportation has been utilised at Grange Resources' Savage River mine in Tasmania for almost 50 years. It is a safe and economical method of transport. Transporting the concentrate as a slurry avoids the need for haulage trucks going to the Port, through or around the city of Albany.

Find out more about Grange Resources here www.grangeresources.com.au