Australian Bulk Minerals obtained approval to operate in 1996 and 1997 under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act (LUPA), the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act (EMPCA) as well as the Goldamere Act and the Mineral Resources Act.

The Goldamere Act limits the Company's liability under Tasmanian law for remediation of contamination to that caused by the company's operations. Where pollution is caused or might be caused by previous operations (past pollution) and this may be impacting on Grange Resources' operations or discharges, Grange Resources is indemnified against that emission and the State cannot set emission limits on Grange Resources. Grange Resources is however required to operate to Best Practice Environmental Management (BPEM). The Goldamere Agreement allows Grange Resources to integrate its mining works & rehabilitation obligations with those of the State under the Savage River Rehabilitation Project (SRRP). These works have improved the quality of the Savage River from one which was significantly impacted by Acid Mine Drainage for 30 kilometres downstream to one where the water quality is not acutely toxic to aquatic organisms for > 90% of the time.

The principle environment issues for Grange Resources are:

  • Operation to BPEM as defined by approved EMP's and subsequent amendments
  • Upgrading air emissions from furnaces at Port Latta with emphasis on reducing ground level concentrations of sulphur dioxide and fugitive dust from the site (SRRP joint project).
  • Water, tailings and waste rock management at Savage River.

This includes development of waste rock dumps wich exclude oxygen to minimise the formation of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) and utilization of these dumps to form seals on old waste rock dumps; sub aqueous tailings deposition and water management to neutralize ARD (past pollution) by utilising naturally available alkalinity.

Previously, ABM won the Tasmanian Minister for Environment's 2001 Environmental Excellence Award for its water management program at Savage River.

In 2005, ABM was awarded the Tasmanian Minister for Environment's Environmental Excellence Award for waste rock management.

Grange Resources strongly supports local environmental issues and has sponsored Coastcare programs since 1998. These have included revegetation and weed removal and development of a coastal management plan covering the coast line from Rocky Cape to Stanley.

Grange Resources' environmental program maintains a Community Liaison Committee to foster links with stake holder groups such as government and non-government organisations, community and interest groups throughout Tasmania.